The national team coach pulled a rabbit out of his hat and all eyes were on Nadim

National team coach Lars Søndergaard selected the squad for the women's final round of the European Championships in July on Thursday.

The stars were not in sight when national team coach Lars Søndergaard named her team for Thursday's final round of the European Championships.

The young goalkeeper is traveling with one international match in his backpack to the EU in England in a few weeks' time.

The Danish players find themselves in something of a dynamite pool with Germany, Spain and Finland. So Lars Søndergaard also knows that it is important to be a little smarter and a little more experienced when it comes to the EU.

Maybe also a little bit lucky.

- We have a very, very strong team. It is important that we reach the highest level. We certainly don't go unnoticed because people respect us," says Lars Søndergaard.

The Danish squad was selected on Thursday and many of the players were introduced beforehand, says DR Sport football columnist Henrik Liniger.



Lene Christensen (Rosenborg BC), Katrin Svane (AGF), Laura Worsjo (Odense Q)

Defence players:

Rikke Seveke (Everton), Simone Boyer (Arsenal), Katrin Weije (Rosengård), Stine Ballisager (Volereng), Luna Gewitz (BC Hacken), Janni Thomsen (Volereng), Sarah Treige (Milan), Sofie Svava (Real Madrid), Sarah Holmgaard (1. Turbina Potsdam)


Karen Holmgaard (1. Turbine Potsdam), Katrin Kühl (FC Nordsjælland), Sophie Junge Pedersen (Juventus), Sanne Trulsgaard (Reading), Sophie Bredgaard (FC Rusengard), Mille Gale (BK Häcken), Rikke Marie Madsen (Madrid CFF)


Signe Bruun (Manchester United), Pernille Harder (Chelsea), Nadia Nadeem (Racings Louisville) and Steen Larsen (BK Häcken).

- There were actually doubts about the three or four places I estimate," he says.

You can read Henrik Liniger's view on the Danish team that plays the red and white against England here.

Big winners

According to football columnist DR Sport, the biggest surprise was the goal that young Laura Worso got in.

- She made her debut against Austria on Sunday, her first appearance for the national team, and she made a good impression overall. The trio of Danish goalkeepers has only played 13 international matches together, and this is great recognition for Laura Worsjo.

Also at the other end of the pitch, national team coach Lars Søndergaard was surprised with his name in Thursday's election.

- Striker Sophie Bredgaard has also only been on the national team once when she was replaced. This spring she has done fantastically well for Rosengard, one of Sweden's best teams.

From the tent camps

In the goalkeeper position, the selection of young Laura Worsjo came at the expense of the experienced Katrin Larsen, who was first selected for the national team in 2019.

- Katrin Larsen has been a regular second goalkeeper for the national team from time to time, but she was a victim of sitting on the bench at her club Hammarby for a long time. Playing time is highly valued, but it's certainly a big disappointment for the national team's most experienced goalkeeper.

The main issue at Thursday's qualifier was Nadi Nadeem. The scandalous striker has plenty of experience and could play her 100th international match if she is in action.

This, in turn, means that the national team coach has ignored other attacking forces.

- This will hurt the players who have been on the national team a lot. The national coach rejected Karolín Møller from Real Madrid and ignored Olivia Holdt from Fortuna Jörring. They have both played and scored for the national team this year, but have fallen victim to the fact that there are plenty of forwards to choose from.

One card from the strongest hand

Overall, DR Sport football commentator Henrik Liniger believes that the Danish team is very close to being as strong as they can be. By the way, if you are a gambling man, we recommend checking out the team sports and gambling betting guide:

- The only player seriously missing from the squad is winger Nicolin Sørensen from England's Everton, who has a long-standing injury. She would be a win-win bet. Otherwise, it was possible to get players who were injury-free and ready.

Therefore, the Danish players are also ready to face a strong opponent in the toughest pool of the final round.

- They are a fairly strong team, and the only thing that speaks against Danish success is the group. Denmark must outclass everyone to progress, and that is certainly possible, but it requires a really strong performance. The Danish line-up has probably gone through all the other pools. If it succeeds, the Danish squad is strong enough to go far.

Uninjured, but not in the best shape

Over the next few weeks, we have two practice matches against Brazil and Norway respectively. Among other things, they should be used to get the Danish profiles back into top form.

- Simone Boye has been sitting on the bench at Arsenal all spring and has only played in international matches since February. Everton's Rikke Sevek was injured and was due to play his first match in Austria at the weekend, but fell ill and did not play. Signe Bruun is also behind on game time.

- There are other key players whose playing form is an open question. There, the national team must ensure that they make the most of their training time and at the same time get them on the field in test matches.

- The good news is that Pernilla Harder seems to be back to her old self. This has been crucial for the Danish national team because she will be a key player.

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