Nick Ismailov: How are ideas born?

Surely everyone has heard about Sportbank today, Nikita Izmailov is one of the main shareholders. It is a very ambitious undertaking, which has attracted the attention of many people in a relatively short period of time. And now it is a huge number of opportunities and great functionality, which is available to everyone. But how did it all get started?

But why this particular direction?

Nikita has already said more than once that he chose to become an accountant because of his mindset. There was a huge interest in the field, and now, thanks to his experience, just a little glance at the slide, he already sees clearly where the inaccuracy or error, and what needs to be corrected to improve the situation.

What was the first project?

Already in his second year of college, Nikita had his own satirical magazine, Bag. Its circulation reached 10,000 copies. But even with regular editions, it quickly became clear that it would not be possible to make as much as I would like. Of course, he managed to bring the business to a break-even point, but he wanted more.

Then he began to distribute plastic windows, received a lot of support, and the bonus was gaining experience. And after I finished training and moved, a stronger project began.

What are the connections with BK Parimatch?

Nikita got the position of CEO at Parimatch when, you could say, the company was reborn and was interested in new personnel. This chance could be called luck, because an acquaintance of Nikita's worked there, who recommended him to try it and even got interested in hiring Nikita himself for some reason.

In a fairly short time it became clear that Nikita had the talent and all the chances for further development too, many people supported his idea of starting his own business. Be that as it may, there was an important competence in the company, or rather the ability to create financial and legal structures from the very beginning. At the time Nikita was hired, there wasn't even a license at Parimatch. It was possible, of course, to make bets, but with the money brought by land-based outlets. The ability to take cashless, and the same way to pay out was absent.

How did the N1 come about?

Skills really had to be taken outside the current framework. And the market offered new opportunities to do so, because there were companies that had the same need for payment solutions.

The decision was to embrace fintech projects. It quickly became clear that you just couldn't do without management, so company No1 was founded.

Additional ideas for AsQuad

To do this, it was necessary to achieve technological capabilities that allowed for the creation of fast quality integrations into the niche of the payment solution. And this company didn't need to work on an individual project, but on the entire market. In fact, the idea came out of an unsolvable situation, but it turned out that now it is possible to do the integration of payments in a few days, as well as to enter a new market quickly.

In the near future, the plan is just to continually improve the entire system so that customers get a lot more options and options.