Betting on statistics in different sports

If we consider statistical indicators, then in each sport, attention can be paid to different things. The list in matches is built strictly according to the features of the game - for example, from the point of view of statistics, the most extensive sports in terms of the number of statistical markets are basketball and football. In other competitions, there is also painting, but on a smaller scale. Consider specific types of competitions.

in football

Bets on statistics in a football match are accepted on the following indicators:

Free kicks.
Shots on target.
Goal kicks.
The number of replacements.
Yellow cards.

This statistic, as in the case of a half-time game, is assigned a list of general events - outcome, total, handicap, individual total, etc. Bets are accepted in most offices, the leader in the width of the painting is "1xBet".

In hockey

Hockey matches are characterized by a slightly smaller number of statistical indicators than football matches. Bettors can bet on penalties, penalty minutes, shots on target, blocked shots. In some companies, you can find a signature on offsides and forwards. According to these statistics, players bet on totals, odds, or the outcome of the match.

You can bet on statistics in hockey both for a full match and for a period. The complexity of placing a bet lies in the accuracy of the analysis - it is impossible to calculate any parameter without the presence of extended statistics on the team for the season.

in basketball

This sport is one of the richest in betting on statistical indicators. The following groups of rates are distinguished:

Successful transfers.
Two-point shots.
Three-point shots.
The best bookmaker in basketball statistics is Fonbet. Here the player can bet on each of the selected options. But that only applies to NBA games. In the Euroleague or the VTB United League, not to mention less rated tournaments, such statistics are not always available. The amplitude of totals and odds in basketball statistics is always low - bettors can bet on average indicators. But the very possibility of placing a bet already speaks of the quality of the bookmaker's line.

Tennis matches are characterized by the following set of statistical indicators in the painting:

Double faults.
Bets on games are considered separately - you can find markets for the exact score of the game, the winner, the number of draws in the painting. Tennis statistics are popular with BC "1xStavka", "Liga Stavok", "Betsiti", "Marathon". The rest of the bookmakers also try to set a wide statistical list, but the listed companies do it better.