Sequin Monogram Pillows

Trying to think of a unique gift to give to a couple who are getting married? Maybe it's someone's anniversary and you'll need a nice gift to present to them? Whatever the occasion you can create a one-of-a-kind gift which they will truly cherish. Plus, you'll have the advantage of seemingly giving them a custom-made gift that looks quite extravagant.

Purchase or make the pillow you want to decorate. Select a pillow that will allow the sequin to plainly show. Satin pillows, cotton types and other smooth fabrics are perfect. A satin pillow is especially nice for a wedding or anniversary gift as well as for a teen girl's room.

If you are interested in seuqin, then you probably need to store it somewhere. This is why there are silicone molds for resin, in which it is very convenient to store glitter and glitter.

Use a disappearing ink marker to make the design on the pillow. They're sold at fabric and craft stores; one marker will do many projects. Buy a stencil to make the monogram or draw it freehand. Or, use cheap, card stock cutouts to create the monogram. But, you can always select a different design instead of a monogram. Create a large heart shape, a word or phrase, flowers, shells or another design. After the design is draw onto the pillow you have many hours before the ink will begin to fade.

Sequin come in several different sizes and many colors. You can purchase it in packages of ones that are all the same or ones which are assorted. Consider the size of the sequin. The smaller the sequin the longer it will take to do the monogram or other design on the pillow.

A rolled-up piece of tape can help you easily pick up the sequin. First, lay the sequin out so that their concave sides are facing downward. Apply fabric glue to the outline on the pillow, touch the tape to the sequin, then position it in the glue. Use a toothpick or other implement to hold it in place while you remove the tape.

Work with small areas at a time. Apply a few inches of adhesive in a line, lay on the sequin, then apply glue to the next section. Continue doing this, butting all the sequin next to each other, to finish the monogrammed pillow.

Tiny, fake jewels work well to make a similar, sparkly pillow. Use the rolled tape to pick them up, as you did the sequin, and you can create even more designs. Give the pillows away for special occasions or just make some for your own home. They're shimmery and look very expensive.

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